For the empath and HSP

The spectrum is so wide

And the gap between the divide

Each oblivious to the other’s desolation


Shit the worlds collide

I can’t be assed to decide

If this is just an elucidation


Or if I am sitting on my behind

Waiting for some divine

To call me to attention


Instead, I decide to shut out the world

Its noise is blaring in my head

I pump up the volume of my consolation


In this type of music, I do find

Some comfort to just unwind

For a moment I can forget the ramification


And try not to fix and rewind

You see the past it may remain unresolved

And the future is one tied in constellations


Too much I may have tried

To swim against the so-called tide

I ended up in tears & hallucination


Emotions from the immediate outside

And the horrors happening far and wide

The classic Empath’s curse and consecration


Lucky are those who can shut it down

For they have learned how to use their ability

To protect themselves from the harm of negativity

For those of us who struggle with this burden of empathy

Shutting the world out now and then

Is a ruthless necessity.

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