Losing My Religion

So I have lost faith
So I have stopped believing
So I have stopped praying

I have nothing to pray for
Or pray against
Or pray towards
I may have pissed off someone
Down the prayer chain
Or someone pissed me off
for messing up with my prayer list

I may have forgotten what exactly I was praying for
Or who exactly answers the door at pray-land

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 19.24.50

Losing my religion
Losing that allegiance
Losing my identity
Shedding off my skin
All these came with a tiny question
A question no one could answer
A question whose answer I am yet to learn

I have a lot to learn
I have learned so much

So I have gained knowledge,
Knowledge in all the things worth believing in

Like the sound of the birds on their way to nest
And the smell of fresh water in a pond
And the feeling of not knowing enough of this beautiful vast universe we live in
And the hazy eyes of curiosity in the little humans I call my children

And the comfort of knowing life in its purest form

So I stopped praying
So I stopped believing

In all these gods and their complicated pray-instructions
lost faith in the logic behind owning me
I stopped believing in your god
He lost my file
So I deleted him


Losing my religion was not a loss
It was a gain
Losing my faith was not rebellion
It was emancipation

So I have stopped believing

In everything that mentions some God in the sky
Fearless in the stand that I gained

Then I realized,
I always knew this…
this invisible blind following
Was not going to last,
I always knew I fall nowhere
I always knew these many gods
were not for me


So I have lost faith
So I have stopped believing
So I have stopped praying

So I lost my religion.

~ all rights reserved.



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