WTF Islam’s Homophobia – a tribute to #LGBTQ+



They tell them to be ashamed

“It’s a sin”, never, ever named

“It’s their choice”, they are blamed

“It’s a curse”, they are told


For being who they are


For loving their mate


Islam’s homophobia by the way,

Dates back

way back

to that leader

who thought

it was abomination

to be born this way

“You must do a transformation”

“You can’t live this way”

“For Islam, does not accept you”

Lives struggling to make sense

Of their nature

And their ‘nurture’

And made worse

By Islam



With suicides

and the homicides

faced by people

who just want to love

To embrace

To have intercourse




Islam’s homophobia

says it’s a sin

Love is a sin?

Love is a crime?

Islam’s homophobia

says so

It kills people


for what?

for who?

And why?


It says in the Hadith

It says in the Shariah

To throw humans off buildings

for what

for who

and why


And mums and dads

rejecting, shunning

And ashamed of their own flesh

Shame, shame, shame

For loving

for embrace

for intercourse

for happiness


If you ask me

Islam’s homophobia

has no place

in this year

in this century

in this world


Keep your religion if you must

Believe in your god if you choose

but scrap the hate


Leave my fab people alone

Keep my friends alive

They can definitely fuck whoever they want to

Islam’s homophobia stops today.

That is all I ask.







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