On my identity (a poem about Identity politics)

So you Simplify

Exemplify And

Ratify in an attempt to


Vilify in an ‘oh I just criticize’

Exotic-fy and then go and Fetishize


This is to demonize

Dehumanize in an attempt to compromise


It is simply Shallow and Ignorant

And damn right Narrow and Arrogant


On my identity

All that makes me

The complex but non-conforming

The Fluid and non-believing

The Rapidly growing

Constantly changing

A million steps towards

Not one thing

But a million things

Celebrating Dissent

Image courtesy of @De Balie Amsterdam


It is impossible to Simplify

While I do not want to horrify


I do want to amplify


You’ve no idea what I have to nullify,



On days that I am horrified

By your utter ignorance

on my existence


On my identity

All that makes me

Confronts me

Discards me

And sometimes

Regards me


You are not an expert on it

In fact far from it

Sorry, you can not think for me

No thank you I think, I have saved myself

For me, It is my mind that is worth saving

And I think I already did that.


No, I am not your posting

Neither your constant giving

Neither your well-meaning

In fact, I am neither or none


On my identity

The complex but non-conforming

The fluid and non-believing

The rapidly growing

Constantly changing

A million steps towards

Not one thing

But a million things


With an alienated past

And appropriated present

Further Humiliated by such narrow views



This is my narrative

This is my story

This is my identity




I am

The expert on it

So you listen to me dammit!


This left, right, center and in-betweens

I do not play for any of these teams

If I were to ever choose a side

I will choose one called



Poem by By Uncia aka Halima Salat for #CelebratingDissent Festival

@De Balie Amsterdam

WTF Islam’s Homophobia – a tribute to #LGBTQ+



They tell them to be ashamed

“It’s a sin”, never, ever named

“It’s their choice”, they are blamed

“It’s a curse”, they are told


For being who they are


For loving their mate


Islam’s homophobia by the way,

Dates back

way back

to that leader

who thought

it was abomination

to be born this way

“You must do a transformation”

“You can’t live this way”

“For Islam, does not accept you”

Lives struggling to make sense

Of their nature

And their ‘nurture’

And made worse

By Islam



With suicides

and the homicides

faced by people

who just want to love

To embrace

To have intercourse




Islam’s homophobia

says it’s a sin

Love is a sin?

Love is a crime?

Islam’s homophobia

says so

It kills people


for what?

for who?

And why?


It says in the Hadith

It says in the Shariah

To throw humans off buildings

for what

for who

and why


And mums and dads

rejecting, shunning

And ashamed of their own flesh

Shame, shame, shame

For loving

for embrace

for intercourse

for happiness


If you ask me

Islam’s homophobia

has no place

in this year

in this century

in this world


Keep your religion if you must

Believe in your god if you choose

but scrap the hate


Leave my fab people alone

Keep my friends alive

They can definitely fuck whoever they want to

Islam’s homophobia stops today.

That is all I ask.







Losing My Religion

So I have lost faith
So I have stopped believing
So I have stopped praying

I have nothing to pray for
Or pray against
Or pray towards
I may have pissed off someone
Down the prayer chain
Or someone pissed me off
for messing up with my prayer list

I may have forgotten what exactly I was praying for
Or who exactly answers the door at pray-land

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 19.24.50

Losing my religion
Losing that allegiance
Losing my identity
Shedding off my skin
All these came with a tiny question
A question no one could answer
A question whose answer I am yet to learn

I have a lot to learn
I have learned so much

So I have gained knowledge,
Knowledge in all the things worth believing in

Like the sound of the birds on their way to nest
And the smell of fresh water in a pond
And the feeling of not knowing enough of this beautiful vast universe we live in
And the hazy eyes of curiosity in the little humans I call my children

And the comfort of knowing life in its purest form

So I stopped praying
So I stopped believing

In all these gods and their complicated pray-instructions
lost faith in the logic behind owning me
I stopped believing in your god
He lost my file
So I deleted him


Losing my religion was not a loss
It was a gain
Losing my faith was not rebellion
It was emancipation

So I have stopped believing

In everything that mentions some God in the sky
Fearless in the stand that I gained

Then I realized,
I always knew this…
this invisible blind following
Was not going to last,
I always knew I fall nowhere
I always knew these many gods
were not for me


So I have lost faith
So I have stopped believing
So I have stopped praying

So I lost my religion.

~ all rights reserved.



Dear Patriarchy

Dear patriarchy,

What’s your deal really?

Because when I woke

I wondered


Why exert so much power

Over my body

My soul

And my vagina

My feisty, hot head of rebellion!

Islam's partriachy vs the fierce female.


Dear Patriarchy

is it possible

That you are a tad bit fearful,

of me

Because I do see through you.


So you feed me lies

But in my mind, I always questioned

And you told me I was less

But in my gut I always doubted

So you had me in chains

But my body constantly rejected


So you told me more lies

More narratives,

More religion

More society


And dear Patriarchy, your deception I kind of accepted

At least for some time whilst

It lasted.

But…. my soul always searched


And finally, I woke

And I questioned all that you stand for

And the many ways you use

“supposed to be” as a means

To keep me chained,

not to wake

I looked at your narrative of religions

And your masculine God!

I questioned your consumerism

And corporate ladder bullshit

I questioned your inequality of emotion

In a relation


Dear patriarchy,

News flash, I AM emotion

you can’t shut me down

But I give you this much,

for a long time, I actually believed you


Dear patriarchy

I am not done yet

In fact, I am just getting started


Dear patriarchy

If I, a female makes you wonder

If you should feed me more lies

If I, a woman makes you shudder

At the thought of my rise

If I, a lady gives you a tremor

With fear of my power


Then surely patriarchy

You should not be surprised

That I transcend

Beyond the limits of your deception



Because I finally believe

That you are indeed threatened

By my feminine wisdom

You are exposed

To my unending love for mother nature

You are unprotected

From my fluidness to make a form

From any form

That is why you use every narrative possible

To make me question my reality


But Dear patriarchy

This is my fuck you to you

Because I am awake and I am not

ever going back to Sleep!.

You are welcome.


For the empath and HSP

The spectrum is so wide

And the gap between the divide

Each oblivious to the other’s desolation


Shit the worlds collide

I can’t be assed to decide

If this is just an elucidation


Or if I am sitting on my behind

Waiting for some divine

To call me to attention


Instead, I decide to shut out the world

Its noise is blaring in my head

I pump up the volume of my consolation


In this type of music, I do find

Some comfort to just unwind

For a moment I can forget the ramification


And try not to fix and rewind

You see the past it may remain unresolved

And the future is one tied in constellations


Too much I may have tried

To swim against the so-called tide

I ended up in tears & hallucination


Emotions from the immediate outside

And the horrors happening far and wide

The classic Empath’s curse and consecration


Lucky are those who can shut it down

For they have learned how to use their ability

To protect themselves from the harm of negativity

For those of us who struggle with this burden of empathy

Shutting the world out now and then

Is a ruthless necessity.

I am…….Whatever!


Reading at Rough Night Arts Lab 2.0 @Dokhuis Gallery Amsterdam

I am a sensitive soul

The world pricks me with its bullshit

Of unending apologies for biases so outright


I am a genuine Being

The world brands me as the misfit

In synchronizing orchestras of rows of black and white


I am an invisible soluble spirit

The world floats me as its flying carpet

On its landing nose dive towards concrete


I am a sex goddess

The world fucks me to my limit

In a condescending manner replicated from 4th-century brothels


I am a massive soul magnifier

The world puts a spotlight,

On my thinking process for that tiny inconsistency


I am a world wonderer

The world tags me as an immigrant

From trending calamities so fucking overrated


I am a social justice warrior

The world hates me with a fucking bang!

For speaking the truth that is so hard to contemplate


I am a ruthless truth seeker

The world already knows I am a threat

Threatening because I dare you to question

All that was fed to you


I am just a fucking poet

The world gives me a platform

To safely recite and not to speak

Because speaking would be

Cracking open the Pandora’s box


Man, I am just messing around

Or maybe I am doing something else

Maybe you have felt these words

Maybe we are doing something right this moment


Maybe I am vibrating with you right now

To a beautiful high frequency up there with the unicorns

Maybe we are flying high above the noise

Maybe they notice

And dammit, FUCK!

The world cuts the frequency of our safe communication!


You know why?

Because this fucking world hates souls.