I am…….Whatever!


Reading at Rough Night Arts Lab 2.0 @Dokhuis Gallery Amsterdam

I am a sensitive soul

The world pricks me with its bullshit

Of unending apologies for biases so outright


I am a genuine Being

The world brands me as the misfit

In synchronizing orchestras of rows of black and white


I am an invisible soluble spirit

The world floats me as its flying carpet

On its landing nose dive towards concrete


I am a sex goddess

The world fucks me to my limit

In a condescending manner replicated from 4th-century brothels


I am a massive soul magnifier

The world puts a spotlight,

On my thinking process for that tiny inconsistency


I am a world wonderer

The world tags me as an immigrant

From trending calamities so fucking overrated


I am a social justice warrior

The world hates me with a fucking bang!

For speaking the truth that is so hard to contemplate


I am a ruthless truth seeker

The world already knows I am a threat

Threatening because I dare you to question

All that was fed to you


I am just a fucking poet

The world gives me a platform

To safely recite and not to speak

Because speaking would be

Cracking open the Pandora’s box


Man, I am just messing around

Or maybe I am doing something else

Maybe you have felt these words

Maybe we are doing something right this moment


Maybe I am vibrating with you right now

To a beautiful high frequency up there with the unicorns

Maybe we are flying high above the noise

Maybe they notice

And dammit, FUCK!

The world cuts the frequency of our safe communication!


You know why?

Because this fucking world hates souls.

Fuck this is hard! My notebook was easier to handle.

coffee notebook pen writing
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

So you are here! I am sure Google did not bring you here! I am sure it was some random cosmic magic and sheer luck that you landed here. Welcome to my new blog or whatever they call them these days. I know nothing about making you stay except to ask you to. Please stay.

You are staying? Oh wow…..why? Okay, now that you are so stubborn not to leave, this is nothing special but me moving the scribblings over from my tattered notebooks to the world wide web! I have too many poems written in random places and I am beginning to lose track of which one was written where. Some are probably shit or maybe they are somewhat okay. All I know is no publisher wants to touch them. So maybe you will find them interesting or maybe you will also find them just another piece of crap. I am hoping for the former.

Ramblings. Ramblings. Ramblings. By the way, did I mention, the knots in my belly right now as I type away on the keyboard? Oh yeah, you probably figured that out by yourself already.

Do you promise to come back? I mean you don’t have to, but you could. I would like that very much. Hopefully, I can find the damn notebook by then! Oh, and the snow leopard image is because I like to pretend sometimes that, this awesome animal is my spirit guide. Most times it just ignores me and shakes its head in disbelief.

“I dont know where I am going, but I am on my way…..”  ~ Carl Sagan.