Welcome to Random Ramblings…

Randomly rhyming words, a few random thoughts, and an empath’s emotional rollercoaster – That is what this poetry blog is going to journey through. And like any other journey, I have no clue where we are going. And I love that! It means if you pass by and you feel nothing, I do not have to feel responsible. Because I promise nothing. I just promise to share what has been sitting rather privately, on and in several different places like my computer, notebooks, diary, voice notes, the back of receipts, a green paper I found in my daughter’s art supplies, messages to myself on WhatsApp (yep you can do that!) and several other random places.

Meaning that on this poet’s corner blog, I am hoping to compile and collect my weird scribblings. Private as they were, I have this feeling that out there somewhere in this vast universe, could be a few, maybe a hundred, hundreds, thousands, millions maybe even billions of other people who may find this relevant….or….similar…..or…entertaining? (You should see me right now as I type that sentence – my shoulders are almost hugging my neck – then I googled an image that best represents what I mean – meh! not even close!)

Because I am no SEO expert (in fact I hate the logic behind content marketing), chances, are I will be another obscure self titled poet refreshing every 5 seconds to see if at least 10 internet dwellers had a look today. But I am not scared. In fact, I dare say, that this feels like the beginning of something bigger than myself. I hope I am right.

Now, I am going to need your help because I will not market, sell or convince, I will just lay it out there, and I will keep the hope alive that it touches someone somewhere on this universe. If it does, kindly find a way to let me know. I mean through comments and things like that I guess; maybe even sending a message…. I don’t know what you lot do…..so do your thing! And stick around to join me on this journey of rumblings.