About me

Uncia (the snow leopard) is my stage name when reading and performing the scribblings that I pretend resemble poetry. Uncia because it’s my spirit guide and my invisible power. The eyes of that animal make me want to say everything it wants to say to this warped world we live in. I like to pretend that the inspirations come from the energy whooshing around me.

My government name is not fancy enough for the Internet but the profile photo is real. That is actually me. You can believe it or you can believe what you want to believe.

My style is still growing but I don’t ascribe to any set of rules. I write what comes when it comes and in whatever form it comes. Oh and I try not to ruin it by editing.

I will officially launch this page hopefully when I have stopped procrastinating…. don’t hold too much breath in….. because I know myself.

Otherwise, stick around and help me beat this algorithm idiocy by passing the word around. If I bore you – there is a small chance that might happen – just gather as much snow leopard-eye-daggers as you can and I shall instantly refocus back.

Trust me, I am better at writing poetry than actually trying to woo readers/followers (is that even a phrase?) so I am just going to stop typing now. See you on the other side of this awesome journey!